Affiliate and Product Disclosure

Hi Guys

Time for the practical page about affiliate and product disclosure and explain  how my website works.

My website is a blog but my site may sometimes have links direct to supplies I use for paper crafting or, for the websites I think you may find helpful. These may affiliate links. Affiliate links basically give me a small monetry compensation should you click on these links and go on to buy the supplies as a result.
(I thank you in advance, if indeed you do this :).

I have generally purchased all of my own supplies and I have made the cards you see here unless otherwise stated. You may observe that some of these creations were not my original idea and I certainly do not intend to promote them as my original idea. As I have learned new crafty skills, I have taken inspirations from some wonderfully talented gurus in the business. 

I hope my website gives you inspiration to create.

Remember…if you think crafty, link crafty!

Regards, Cheryl

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