Cricut Card Showcase Week

Hi guys, It has been a Cricut card showcase week!

Some of you may remember I recently replaced my older Cricut Expression machine for the new Cricut Explore Air machine. I thought it would be fun to spend all last weekend (as well as going out for dinner and drinks with the hubby), to make several cards to showcase the upcoming week. I knew if I could just get some consistent time in my craft room, I would be able to really get my teeth into Cricut playing 🙂

I used to struggle not getting clean cuts on my Expression machine and I wasn’t very adventurous back then either, so I felt my Cricut cards could turn out a bit bland. Cricut LoveIm a little bit more experienced now and I have noticed that the more I use my creative brain, the better I get at taking risks and trying out new things for my cards. I think it helped utilizing Cricut cuts with embellishments from my stash and layering up the card with fun foam!

Cricut CupcakeIn my opinion, there are two really big improvements that Provocraft have made with the Cricut Explore Air…1: the use of pens and being able to write out sentiments, which you can see I have done on the Mother’s Day card and  2: The Cricut Design Space! For the cuts I took out the blade that came with the Cricut and replaced it with the Cricut German Carbide Premium Blade I think the carbide blade really helped with the cuts.

Seriously, it was really cool to use the gold pen and purchase a reusable Mother’s Day greeting with a fabulous font. It wrote it perfectly! Clean and pristine, just how I would like it 🙂 I can see more of this in my future, lol. Cricut Doggy

Lets talk Cricut Design Space…vastly improved and more user friendly in my humble opinion. I found the space was easily navigated, and I felt I picked up on it quickly. I like that if I found a cut and size of cut that really worked for an A2 card, then I was able to save it in a folder for easy reference. One continued frustration I have is envelopes. Cricut Best WishesYou can easily pick up an envelope design, but I would like to an option to automatically set the envelope size to A2, A6, A7 etc in Design Space. Even when I tried to make a couple of envelopes, it continued to be a tedious affair, which I soon gave up on. I may be missing something and not realizing an easy way for envelopes. I think Cricut are really missing out on a valuable feature here, and if I am missing a step please let me know in the comments below.

Well, I hope you enjoyed the Cricut showcase week…back to my first love now, stamping!

Bye for now

Cheryl 🙂




Celebrate Cricut’s 10-Year Anniversary

Hi Guys, It’s time to  Celebrate Cricut’s 10-Year Anniversary!

I love the Cricut machine and they are celebrating their 10 year anniversary with a great promotion and I didn’t want you to miss out!

I have just replaced my older Cricut Expression machine for the new Cricut Air. As many of you know, I love my card making but as well as stamping, I also like to use my Cricut. What I like about the Cricut is the ability for me to use different materials. I find it really useful and such a time saver when I need to do large quantities of cutting in one go. Petty fantastic! Just think, if you were planning a party or function requiring bulk creations you could set your Cricut machine up to help you save some time. I have to say, the Cricut Air cutting has really improved too. The cuts are crisp and clean, that added to the new and improved cutting mats, cutting feels a breeze on my Cricut Air.

I have summarized the promotion below and added some links for you to click on to take advantage of this limited promotion. Please be aware, they are affiliate links, meaning I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking through my links. It doesn’t cost you any extra when you make your purchase.

Cricut wants to celebrate their 10th Anniversary with a sale! Here are 5 reasons you’ll want to shop Cricut this week (4/20 – 4/26):

1. Up to 40% off supplies

2. FREE shipping – with no order minimum (with promo code FREECRICUTSHIPPING)

3. Clearance items starting at $1

4. Explore Air bundles starting at $229

5. Almost all cartridges and images on sale ( only, does not include Design Space)

Enjoy, Cheryl 🙂

Celebrate Cricuts 10th Anniversary with Great Deals